Control your Carbon Footprint

With the natural world now changing nearly as fast as the commercial world, organisations are under increasing social and legislative pressure to go green; to shrink their carbon footprints by travelling less and by finding new, smarter and cleaner ways to do business.

CSL Integration provide the following services to enable Companies to do just that -

Video Conferencing

What can Video Conferencing do for me?

With the ever increasing pressure to control costs, drive efficiency, boost and accelerate business processes, video conferencing is fast becoming many Companies secret weapon of choice.

Replacing the expense, time, and risk of conventional physical communication with new transparency and peace of mind, high definition video fulfils many of businesses' most fundamental drivers.

Video Conferencing Benefits:

  • Instantaneous face to face
  • Faster, better-informed decision making
  • Reduced communication, travel, and staffing costs
  • Optimised use of time, resources, and expertise
  • Quicker, easier, simpler disaster recovery and crisis management
  • Improved staff morale, rapport and work/life balance
  • Faster, greater transparency of information and ideas generation

Interactive AV

True interactive collaboration bringing people together

All Companies rely on bringing people together. And that`s what SMART solutions do so well - they enable you to bring everyone in one room regardless of location, so you can share ideas and expertise, work on documents together and take advantage of business opportunities efficiently and effectively.

CSL Integration can provide solutions that make collaboration a visual, interactive experience with easy access to your files, intuitive user interfaces and effortless record-keeping capabilities. They can produce valuable results, helping you achieve more in less time and for less money!

Using our in-room, room-to-room or room-to-desktop solutions, your teams can work toward a common goal in person or across distances.

CSL Integration provide an extensive suite of SMART interactive technologies to enable Companies to hold either single room or multi room collaboration Interactive audio visual technology to bring people together in a seamless collaborative experience.

SMART Interactive Benefits:

  • Share ideas
  • Save time and money on travelling
  • Interact with digital content
  • Productive Collaboration

Building Management

Totally Integrated Building Control

CSL delivers complete building management services for maximum energy and operational efficiency that can monitor, manage and control all the technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally.

Using a "Green Light" technology approach CSL Integration can provide total enrinmental control to conserve energy and lower costs by combining automated dimming and daylight harvesting with power switching and load scheduling.

In most cases the actual costs of implementing this solution into the commercial workspace is paid back very quickly with the cost savings made.

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